Current Exhibitions

Winter Season 2014

Winter Season 2014

Terry Burrows | Rodney Pople | Hiromi Tango

31 May – 17 August 2014

Our Winter Season artists primarily work across a variety of media including painting, performance and sculpture. This season showcases the photographic element to their creative output and how their photography is informed and enhanced by their broader practice.

Terry Burrows is predominately known for his paintings. His exhibition Banaras Backs evolved from a series of residencies in India and developed into The Banaras Back Book, a book of 1008 images of the backs of subjects staring out onto the Ganges at Varanasi, one of India’s most revered Hindu sites. These anonymous portraits provide a strangely impersonal view of private moments of contemplation or indifference.

Rodney Pople uses photography as an integral backdrop for his new series of disquieting paintings. Showcasing new works of wild animals, Lie of the Land investigates the dark depths of humankind’s contradictions by drawing attention to the artificial nature of religious, colonial and political authorities.

Hiromi Tango’s new installation plunges the viewer into an immersive environment of colour and light. Combining photography, performance, video and vivid soft sculptures, Dust Storm evolves from a series of photographs that shows Tango’s pathway towards her personal resurgence.

Image Hiromi Tango, Insanity Magnet #1, 2006-13. Courtesy Sullivan + Strumpf and courtesy and © the artist.