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Postcards from Mummy: The First Third of a Life

Galleries One and Foyer

Destiny Deacon

What can pictures say about a Mummy's life journey?

With this effort I come to terms with Mummy's beginnings - childhood to young adulthood in Queensland. Before three 'husbands' and seven spoilt children: Deborah Deacon, Kerry Deacon, Johnny Harding, Janina Harding, Clinton Petersen/Nain, Tommy Petersen & me, born second. Life before us and her settling into Melbourne, 1959. Now that's another story!.

This is the first-third of a life that was action-packed … When World War 2 happened, Mummy was an orphan. She was evacuated from Darnley/Erub Island to her strict grandmother Annai Pitt [wife of deceased grandfather Edward Pitt, second son of the famous Douglass Pitt and Sophie from Lifu Island]. Annai resented Mummy's father's 'Aboriginal side', the Kuku tribe who inhabited the sand-dune regions from 'above Cooktown to the Daintree'. Anyway Mummy's life at Bloomfied river got her started - a tough life as a youngster, earning her own keep at thirteen as a kitchen-hand at the Lake Eacham Hotel (and we complained about study grants …).

I wish I went with Mummy to these Queensland regions of her youth. When I finally took the journey, from 'Cooktown to Brisbane' to explore the placements in Mummy's early life, I got to see that everything she said about the Land she spent her early life in was true, and I found out something about why she became so strong and independent. Destiny Deacon

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Image Credits:

•  Destiny Deacon, Postcard from Mossman, 1998
•  Destiny Deacon, Mummy at 6 Years Old - Darnley/Erub Island, 1998
•  Destiny Deacon, Postcard from Cooktown 6 & 7, 1998

In My Father's House

July 1998

Tue - Sun: 11.00am - 6.00pm
Gallery Two

Brenda Croft

New bodies of work by two of Australia's leading contemporary indigenous artists Brenda L Croft (Gurindji) and Destiny Deacon (Kuku / Erub / Mer). Emerging in response to recent family losses for both artists his exhibition focused closely on a sense of place both physical and emotional where each locates their familial identity.

Image Credits:

•  Brenda L Croft, 1998

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